About us

George and Cat Drayer are the team members who make up Drayer Ink.

Outside our new Portland home, autumn 2021

Cat Drayer

Cat Drayer is an all-round creative Kiwi who is always making something. You will always find Cat working on at least 5 projects at once.

As well as designing and illustrating board games, Cat is also a veteran craft market seller, jewellery-maker, and fabric designer.

When Cat is not creating something, you can find her planning what to create next, including renovations, gardens, menus, and reading, searching for new adventures, attending markets and fairs, and spending time with friends and family.  

George Drayer

A New Jersey native, George is a creative problem-solver who is always expanding his skillset. He has spent a lifetime in the world of computers, RPGs, Sci-Fi, and Anime, and brings that knowledge to bear in his work at Drayer Ink.

As well as designing and developing games, George has also designed and built longboards, built his own furnace, and enjoys working on the house, garden, and going on adventures with Cat. When George isn’t designing, developing, or playing tabletop games, you can find him playing video games, learning a new skill, or working through his latest online course.

Our story

Cat and George met in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2013, and married in 2015

They moved from New Zealand to the USA in 2021 and live in Portland, Oregon, in a Mid-Century Modern home that they share with their blended family of two cats, Shasha and Loki, and one dog, Lizzie.

You can find out more about Cat and George’s latest game designs here at www.drayerink.com, read about some of Cat’s other creative endeavours at www.coppercatkin.com, and follow Drayer Ink on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

My personal vision for Drayer Ink – Cat

The dream for me would be to have a big enough range of published game designs about less common themes that people have a Drayer Ink section in their games collection, and that a store can have a whole wall of them, all with a distinctly Drayer Ink flavour to them.
I want people like me to see themselves and their interests represented in games of all weights that don’t insult their intelligence or dumb down the thematic content.
I want to make games about science, technology, history, martial arts, crafts, gardening, things that make a particular subset of the population light up when they see them on the shelf, but are fun and accessible for anyone to play.
As a neurodivergent, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ female designer and illustrator, I want to make inclusive games that reflect all the other gamers who don’t often see themselves represented.
I want to become a household name in gaming homes, like Elizabeth Hargrave or Beth Sobel.

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