Play-testing with Drayer Ink

Hi and thank you for your interest in testing our games in development! We have three main testing channels for our games: in person with our physical prototypes, DIY Print-and-Play files, and online via Tabletop Playground.

Find out how to play our games:

Check out the Drayer Ink YouTube channel to find out more about our games

To test online, you will need a Steam account and Tabletop Playground. You will also need Discord. Once you are all set up, book a time in our calendar and we will teach you our games!

Print-and-play Resources

All of our Print-and-Play games are available for download in our Google Drive PNP folder. These are prototypes, still in testing, and not for resale. We would love to see your photos – please tag us or use the #drayerink hashtag on public posts, so we see them!

In-Person Testing

We will announce any in-person testing opportunities in our email announcements and on our Drayer Ink Facebook page events, make sure you follow us!

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After testing feedback form

The most important thing you can do to help us it to tell us what you really think about our games! After you have tested any of our games, please fill out our play-testers’ feedback questionnaire here:

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