Play-testing at BGG.CON

An update on the prototypes we play-tested at BGG.CON and the ones we left at home – where are we now? What’s coming next for Drayer Ink games?

Tabletop Network/BGG.CON 2022 – 5

Day 5 of our TTN/BGG adventure is day 2 of the actual BGG convention. I had my first 6-player test of this version of The Valley, so that was stressing me out – so glad I got it out of the way, though! And after that, I relaxed and started to really enjoy myself properly, which was a great feeling – anxiety is a cruel beast…

MAGMA – rules, v1

Here’s my first version of the rules for Magma, which we are submitting to the Game Crafter lunchtime game challenge competition: MAGMA UNDER PRESSURE by Drayer ink Magma is a casual multi-player game about managing the pressure inside a volcano, trying to make it all hit the Main Chamber at once for the most explosiveContinue reading “MAGMA – rules, v1”