Tabletop Network/BGG.CON 2022 – 8

The end of an amazing experience at TTN and BGG! We finished the week with some games, some shared meals, some laughs, and a long flight home to our wonderful pets.

Adventures with the Drayers – Our DIY Halloween

This is our first proper Halloween in Portland – last year, we were still in the process of moving from our apartment to our house, and there was no time or energy to decorate. Join us as we start our American Halloween decoration collection with some DIY!

Adventures with the Drayers – Frog Pond Farm

We went to Frog Pond Farm twice in one day – first, to pick pumpkins (used in the sense of “choose” in this context) and meet llamas, and then back again for the Spooky Walk in the evening. Very autumnal!

New Design – Bubble Net

Bubble Net is a game about humpback whales bubble-net feeding – try to let as few fish escape as you can, you need to eat! This is the first prototype and test of the game. It went well!

Adventures with the Drayers – Roller Derby

When we moved to Portland, home of the World Champion Rose City Rollers, we had to get to a bout. The first one we could attend was the Wreckers, the so-called recreational team, who were playing the Northwest Derby Company.

Adventures with the Drayers – Oregon State Fair

When we first visited Portland in 2018, while we were still deciding if we would move here, one of the things I found most interesting and exciting was visiting the Oregon State Fair. I have only ever seen this kind of event on TV and movies – it feels like peak Americana. We were excited to go back again in 2022!

Adventures with the Drayers – Tomatoes!

Our long-term goal is to grow and preserve as much of our own food as we can. In order to see if we can actually live that life, we are visiting pick-your-own farms in our area. This time, it’s tomatoes!