PAX East – Day 2 – FRIDAY

The second day of PAX East was Friday, and I had another morning appointment, but I was much less nervous about getting there on time.

I got myself a smoothie at the convenience store because the line at the bakery was wild, and headed over to the convention centre. The line was already flowing, and there was no queue to get into the exhibitor hall, so I just went straight on in.

My appointment was with the lovely Jessica Cassady from Ion Game Design, and we had a great chat about Drayer Ink games and how they might integrate with their existing portfolio. I reckon I also made a new friend, which was nice!

After our meeting, I headed back to Unpub and set up at one of the empty tables, where I spent the morning demoing Mycelia again, with great success and again, lots of positive feedback, including an improvised 5-player version, using pieces from Ladybird Logic: Mushroom Maze.

I did some shopping, getting myself a copy of Starry Night Sky by Emma Larkins, and a couple of miniatures to paint from Lethal Shadows, and got some PAX merch, too!

I made my way up to the foodcourt and eventually tried and failed to tackle a huge helping of fried chicken, and got an emergency Snickers just in case (I still have it, haha).

After eating and exploring some more, I spent a couple of hours just sitting and watching the world go by, making reels, and thinking about my playtesting conclusions. I have to say, I don’t really know what to do with myself at a convention when I am not working – I think I will probably try to sign up to volunteer at some of the other events so I have a job to do – I have very little experience just being an attendee, and I ran out of things to do once there were no tables at Unpub -until I processed the lessons I had learnt in testing, I had no real need to play-test Mycelia any further, either.

I really don’t understand why Instagram keeps flipping my reels upside-down, it’s a pain!

Eventually, it was time to meet up with Nicole for dinner. I met Nicole on the Meeple Syrup Show, and we clicked immediately, so of course, we had to meet up IRL! I also got to meet her friends and partner, and we all headed to the rooftop pool afterwards for a very chilly but refreshing swim.

There was a very tempting jacuzzi but it was PACKED full of people, and I wasn’t that keen on breathing other people’s air, so I decided to swim in the pool instead. Ronnie, one of Nicole’s friends, and a couple of other people, joined me there, and we had a good try at making a current – it almost became a whirlpool, but we didn’t have enough bodies in the water to maintain it. Still, lots of fun, nice to get a bit of a soak for my muscles, and get a bit of non-sitting activity into my day! And it was great to get to know Ronnie, too – another new friend!

After the swim, I headed back to my room, shivering (it was very cold back out of the water, and my room was at the other end of the hotel – thank goodness I had my coverup jumpsuit), had a shower, and put myself to bed.

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