Sunday, the last day of TokenCon 2023, was luckily a bit slower – but we still had a constant flow of interested players.

We ran out of space to record names of our play-testers for Bubble Net, and we had so much interesting and useful data that we could really have packed up without testing at all that day – but why waste the opportunity to get more eyes on the game, and more ideas?

And sure enough, one of the simplest ideas, a turn order player aid, came up on day 3.

For (late) lunch, I experienced my first Sonic burger, and I admit, it was really tasty! It doesn’t pretend to be more than it is, and I definitely respect that.

After lunch, we played some more Mycelia. The idea of a set collection element is definitely taking hold – it will require some changes to the cards, and some more thought about how the sets will work, but in principle, it’s a worthwhile addition.

We were so lucky to be so well looked after by a very welcoming bunch of designers, and we did our best to give back, too – throughout the convention, George went and played as many other games as he could, and will cover them in another post.

The awesome Indie Zone crew!

Before we were really ready for it, the convention wound down, and it was time to pack up and head for the airport – again, our wonderful hosts made this easier for us, with Dave driving us there, and Will agreeing to send our banners after us, given they don’t fit in a suitcase.

At the airport, we watched the sun go down over the incredibly flat Oklahoma landscape, boarded our flight, and headed for home.

An entertaining highlight of the trip home was finding this piece of “anonymous” feedback from the convention – Jay Cormier was recently involved in a Hallmark movie called “Game of Love“, which used a large number of his games as props, although they clearly didn’t consult him for the dialogue, haha – the feedback on this form is a paraphrase of a spectacularly bizarre quote from that film.

On the way back to PDX, we transited through Dallas Fort Worth, so we tried to find queso – our first Chili’s experience was as close as we could get. It was… ok?

Then, it was back on the plane, headed for PDX at last – we gathered our suitcases, caught a cab, and got home around 2am to confused and happy pets, showers, and finished our Oklahoma adventure by collapsing into our own, lovely bed.

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