Drawing in MS Paint…

And why I still do it

The first thing I need to get out of the way right now – I HATE anti-aliasing. Give me my sharp lines. I don’t need your help, software. This is why, when I work on my designs, I work in MS Paint. It’s just not sophisticated enough to argue with me, and I like things that way.

Yes, since I started working on this game, I have taught myself to use new software, and I can see the value of it, but there’s something about drawing with a pencil and paper, and MS Paint is the closest I can get to that.

23 June 2020 – I pull together my first overview of The Valley

Here is my first rough colour mock-up of the ingredients of the Valley, using re-working of some existing designs that I had already created for my surface design brand, Copper Catkin. And yes, back then, I did this in MS Paint, and I am not ashamed of that, lol!

One of the new designs I created for The Valley – main art for the nuts and seeds category

While I have happily moved to Inkscape for creating my cards and other templates, I don’t like the way that vector programmes smooth out the hand-drawn nature of my artwork.

So while my work doesn’t look as polished and produced as a lot of professional digital artists these days, that’s not something I consider to be a fault – rather, it’s a conscious and deliberate choice to retain my connection to the process. So, why do I draw in MS Paint? That’s why. To stay connected.

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