The colours of the Valley

Full disclosure time: I may be “new” in the context of board game design, but I am not new to design in general. Although not formally trained, I have been designing a variety of things, including games, since I was a child. As the eldest of three, and the eldest of my generation of cousins, it often fell to me to entertain the younger ones, which duty I generally took very seriously. Throughout my life, I have been really interested in colour and anything creative.

I learnt very quickly that my moods and my sense of place are heavily influenced by the colours around me – what I wear, what’s on my walls, what’s in my home.
My colour palette for my surface design business, Copper Catkin, reflects my interest in bright but sophisticated colours.

Copper Catkin background colour palette

It was also really important to me that the colours I used were friendly to people with non-standard vision, including but not limited to colour-blindness and vision impairments. I did a lot of reading, asked friends and strangers with vision issues, and worked to make sure that accessibility was part of my design. I will talk about this in more detail when I discuss my symbol designs.

My colour palette for The Valley in action

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