Mycelia – how it’s going

I have finally had a bit of time to work on Mycelia, and it’s coming along really well. Here’s what I have to update you about!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on Mycelia for the Game Crafter competition – and while the game ranked satisfactorily in the votes, it didn’t make into the semi-finals.

To be fair, this is actually fine – Mycelia is still in development, and I have a few things to tweak and test and tweak again.

3-4 players

I confirmed in my testing that there were barely enough tiles in the initial set of 32 for 2 players, so there definitely need to be more. I have just ordered another prototype with the new tile and card layouts, and double the tiles. We are going to TokenCon soon, and I plan to play it there with our friends Will and Dave who tested it at BGG, so it will be interesting to see what they think of the updated version!

Card design changes

I have made the cards less white, and made the symbols much larger. The illustrations are also larger, and overflow the card outline. Let’s see if these are received with more enthusiasm than my last designs!

Deluxe components

I have a better idea of how the game will work and what to expect, so now I can think about how to make the components to go with it. My “deluxe” components are likely to be different-shaped wooden tiles, printed with different patterns and colours to help them stand out to all players – shapes, colours, and patterns are helpful to different people, and make the game more accessible overall. So this is the stage I am testing now – choosing the best combinations of thematic patterns with easily-distinguishable colours and shapes.

For this prototype, I have decided to use pieces from our component library until we know how many we will need of each – but once I have a better idea of how many we need, I will be able to finalise my component designs for the player tokens, too.

And yes, I made certain I was ordering the new set of hex tiles without the accidental borders we added here!

Looking forward to getting out on the convention circuit at long last. See you soon, TokenCon!

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