Unboxing – October TGC order

Recently, both George and I ordered prototypes of our games from The Game Crafter, and there were bits that weren’t quite right – for TWOIT, it was some errors in the rulebook and an incorrect data merge that meant that one symbol on all the tiles was wrong, and for the Valley, it was a very slight error of scale in the tiles, a software issue that meant the rulebook pages were uploaded in the wrong order, and a problem with printing the standees that we haven’t completely resolved yet.

This meant we needed to order replacement parts, so this is the (short) story of the unboxing of those fixes!

I also added a new item, “the Art of the Valley”, a book that gathers together the story of the artwork in a single, cohesive location, so that when I submit it for copyright, it will cover all of the illustrations I made and used in the artwork of the Valley.

The biggest priority for me was to get the tiles for the Valley to fit within the corner boards, as that was so incredibly frustrating last time.

For George, the priority was to have a playable prototype in time for BGG.CON next month.

We both achieved our goals! Check out this video of the unboxing:

And here, we check the fit of the new tiles (in order of punching, as opposed to the way they would actually be played):


Great news all round! Looking forward to introducing new people to our games at BGG.CON in Texas in November – will you be there?

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  1. Great work on everything. Funny story, when I saw George holding up the small book , my eyes are so blurred that I thought it was a Passport. But I did enlarge it to see it was the book you just created. Was worried for a second that you guys were going on another adventure to another country. Lol but it truly confirms I am officially old and crazy. Ha, ha

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